Today, we will do it all.

In this blog, we will learn about Docker, install it and see its implementation.

What is Docker

Docker is a Container Orchestration tool that is designed to make the development, deployment and execution of applications easier. Docker containers basically are an alternative to Virtual Machines and it…

Grab your coffee, we're going to code.

ARIMA is a Forecasting Technique and uses the past values of a series to forecast the values to come. …

When it comes to forecasting, ARIMA is quite often the first choice algorithm. Let us try to understand in brief what all this is about.

A simple intuition about Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average can be built upon the thought that this algorithm uses the past values of a time series…

Patience is the only prerequisite here.

I'm glad if you are here, and if you're clueless about what Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing is, check out this article here,

This would act as a good starting point and will help you through the basic idea of it. Go ahead, read it, I…

Yesterday was a cold winter night and I was binging on Brooklyn99, and that is when I thought I can write a brief article on Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing (Got the lame joke?)

Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothening (HWES) works on the idea of smoothening the values of a Univariate Time Series Analysis…

LSTM learns. LSTM remembers. Be like LSTM.

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) are good at learning sequences, they carry information from previous state to the next one, across time steps. Alas, they provide good results only when the sequences are not too long. Thus suffering from a short-term memory problem.

Moreover, during Back Propagation, a Recurrent Neural Network…

Etqad Khan

Data Scientist at Ericsson | University of Bath

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