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  • Anshul Sharma

    Anshul Sharma

    Senior Data Scientist @ IHS Markit | Kaggle Notebooks master | Developer turned Data Scientist | Loves creating Data Stories

  • Karina Guerra

    Karina Guerra

    Salvadoreña exploring the world of coding. Petting animals and building things that help people and the environment are my two biggest passions :) Based in NYC.

  • Uzair Khaliq

    Uzair Khaliq

  • Mayank Mishra

    Mayank Mishra

    Engineer | Deep Learning. Website: https://mmayank74567.github.io/

  • Vaibhav Nayak

    Vaibhav Nayak

    A ‘Data Scientist’ who is making his way towards ‘Video Analytics’ https://www.linkedin.com/in/vaibhav-nayak-b8b5ab74/

  • Suhas N M

    Suhas N M

    Data Engineer, Spark Developer, technology enthusiast and Scala/java programmer

  • Saivishal Chiliveru

    Saivishal Chiliveru

  • Sajin P

    Sajin P

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